Selling a house: Help Others to Help Yourself


Got a friend who wants to sell a house? Have done it successfully before?  Then why don’t help your friend out?  A first-time home seller would find it hard to sell a property.  So if you have the skill to sell a property, you can give a hand for the home seller in distress.

The first step in a sale of a property is to understand all of the legal stuff needed.  From your experience, you certainly know what to do in preparing all the paper.  The homeowner would appreciate the help because most of the time they have the difficulties to understand some documents or design a good purchase agreement.

But if you’re not interested in documents, you can help with the advertising.  You can connect the seller with someone who actually tries to find a house.  The good thing about being a personal salesman is that you know the property better than a sales agent.  So, you can find someone who are looking a house with the same specification as the house you’re selling.


If you want to sell your own house, the methods are simply the same.  You can increase the possibility of your house being sold in no time just by taking these simple steps:

  • Spread the word – you can tell your neighbours that you’re going to sell your house.  You’ll get a free sales force just by doing this.
  • Tell your selling agents about the house in detail.
  • Make some advertisements that your agents may have missed. You can use your blog or online ads to help your effort.
  • Help yourself out by providing an open house with you as the guide. Some people may get better information about the property from yourself rather than taking the words of an agent.
  • Remember the timing. The longer your house is on the market, the higher possibility that your home isn’t sold.  So, put everything you’ve got at the beginning.

Sometimes you can’t rely on someone else to help you with the selling process.  But it doesn’t mean that you can quickly sell it by yourself.  Get the help as many as you can and synchronise the effort with your own.  You’ll get a lot of people in line to buy your home in no time.

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